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Please note, I do not have any connection with ANY of the cars listed here. I have merely found these vehicles over the internet and I cannot provide any further details about them. I suggest that you find the vehicle details from the owners.

My own

I possibly have a 1991 500E coming up for sale summer 2008. Its a black/black model pre facelift with around 300,000km on the clock. The vehicle has climate control and heated seats, along with a few other goodies. More photos and price details are to follow soon. The vehicle is a German import.

I sold my first 1993 E500 in October 2005. More pics to come soon (this beast had E 60 AMG suspension and 18" BBS CH alloys...)

Buyers Guide

The Mercedes E500 is a very well built car. The engine is very solid and the gearbox is also very well built. The W124 chassis is known to be one of the best ever built by Mercedes-Benz, and is probably better than some of the newer E500's and E55 AMG's in terms of build quality and reliability. Although this is, the E500 is a very complex vehicle and the amount of engine heat produced by the vehicle is huge. The wiring harness is particular prone to being damaged by heat. Here are some personal recommendations I suggest for ownership of an E500.

  • Change oil (Mobil 1 recommended every 3,000 miles)
  • Change air & oil filters
  • Change distributor cap
  • Change rotor arms
  • Change spark plugs (all 8! Bosch Super-4 are good)
  • Check fuel filter
  • Check wiring harness for any damage via heat
  • Check exhaust system
  • Check air conditioning/climate (should be ice cold)
  • Check heated seats (should work under both settings)
  • Check drivers seat for bolster wear or tearing
  • Check for RUST around bootlid, arches and door sills
  • Check brakes for any disc damage
  • Change brake pads
  • Check all VIN and engine numbers
  • Check for VIN sticker in drivers door
  • Check that correct tyres are fitted (originals should be 225/55/16 ZR)
E500 Engine

Most of these parts are readily avaliable from Mercedes-Benz or even smaller german car parts shops. The E500 also shares a few engine components from the SL500 - they both have the M119 5.0L V8 although have different ignition systems. Some of the bespoke E500 parts can be expensive, and difficult to source. Its better to ensure that all parts work upon purchase, or knock some off the price to compensate for them. More expensive parts are probably the wheel arches, ECU and ignition parts.

Please be aware, many E500's have been damaged or written off in the past - although many of these vehicles have been repaired to a very high standard, and some even better than original with uprated AMG parts being fitted instead. They are still perfectly ok to drive, its becoming increasingly difficult to find a very straight and original E500 without any paintwork.

Low mileage and paintwork free E500's can reach up to $35,000-$45,000 and £25,000 in the UK. Some E60 AMG's may even fetch slightly more. The E500 is not really the most desirable among the automotive world - its LHD, big, thirsty and looks "old" to the normal car user. The vehicle is "built" for the E500 enthusiast and is widely recognised among the motoring world. Together with higher taxes and HUGE fuel prices, the E500 is becoming an attractive second hand buy in the UK and appreciating in value everyday.