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Use of Ultrasonic device for wild life conservation.

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1. Save lives - in Jan 2009, 5 people where killed by Sundraban Tiger attacks.

2. Save the tigers - from time to time there is retribution by villagers and the tigers normally come out worst!

Give us your support and keep the human/tiger conflict at bay, thank you.

ZSL information available here.

Working in conjunction with tiger field researchers Christian Greenwood and Adam Barlow of the Zoological Society of London and Sundraban Tiger project. Idea proposed by Mo Abba, IT Consultant, for use of ultrasonic animal repellent device for the protection and deterrent of wild animals from human habitat.

The proposed devices will be engineered to work with electricity, battery, wind, solar or windup mechanisms. The devices will be built for rugged terrain, weatherproof (rain, extreme heat, freezing cold), durable and sustainable. All the necessary scientific evaluation will be carried out with full discussions with the wider expert community.

The devices maybe stationary units, perched on high poles and also mobile units that will be carried by those authorized to enter wild life parks areas, for example, game rangers, honey harvesters and other officials, visitors and scientists.



What's  New

bulletMore tiger attacks and killings, conflict getting worst - click here
bulletReview tiger hearing range and frequency.
bulletReview hearing range and frequency of other animals who live in tiger areas e.g. deer, foxes, small mammals and so on.
bulletEngage big cat experts.
bulletEngage scientific community.
bulletEngage local parks authorities.

Key Milestones

bulletApril 2009 - Agree team members.
bulletMay 2009  - Agree test approach and sound generation.
bulletJune 2009 - Perform test with live tigers.
bulletJuly 2009 - Produce results.

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